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Project objectives

The STRATEGY CCUS project aims to support the delivery of carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) in eight regions identified as promising because they feature strategic elements, such as clusters of industry, potential CO2 storage sites, opportunities for CO2 usage, and options for hydrogen production and use.

The International Energy Agency has underlined the need for the rapid delivery of CCUS technologies if countries are to meet emissions reduction targets laid out in the Paris Agreement [link] on climate action.

Our results will be used to create local development plans and business models for each of the regions, which will be shared through tailored events with target stakeholders, including potential CCUS developers.

The plans will identify CO2 transport corridors between local CCUS clusters of industry, which connect with North Sea CCUS infrastructure, in order to reduce costs and contribute to a Europe-wide CCUS infrastructure.

We will also provide methodologies and examples of best practice in areas such as stakeholder engagement, lifecycle analyses and techno-economic assessments.

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