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The delivery of strategic communications is an essential part of the project, providing stakeholders with the knowledge and advice they need to deliver CCUS successfully. Our key findings will be shared with a variety of end users, including project developers, local authorities, regional and national bodies, industry and the wider public in order to pave the way for CCUS clusters in the identified regions.

Communication and dissemination activities will include:

  • Flexible communication tools adapted to the status of CCUS in different European regions, including our Stakeholder Engagement Toolbox
  • Sharing of best practice and standard methodologies.
  • Digital media, including this website and its associated news, events and social media feeds
  • A collaborative storage platform/database allowing sharing of data and information between project partners
  • Online meetings and themed webinars for presenting and discussing regional, national and transnational CCUS possibilities
  • A series of regional events to facilitate knowledge sharing with relevant stakeholders
  • A final event at the close of the project for disseminating findings to all relevant European stakeholders