The development of CCUS in Southern and Eastern Europe, and their integration into a European infrastructure, requires both economic and environmental assessments in order to be sustainable. The aim of this work package is to support the decision-making process by defining common methodologies for:

  • “Bankable” CO2 storage capacity
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Multi-regional Input Output (MRIO) analysis
  • Techno-economic assessment (TEA) designs

Both LCA and MRIO assessments will involve close collaboration with those working on the Planning aspects of this project, where detailed plans and techno-economic evaluations for CCUS will be drawn up for different regions and timescales. Each region will also benefit from a comprehensive diagnosis of potential business models for the different CCUS options, and insights to guide CO2 storage requirements. Knowledge and data exchange between the project partners will be in important part of this work.