The STRATEGY CCUS project will provide each of the promising regions in Southern and Eastern Europe with CCUS scenarios for short, medium and long-term delivery, and based on various completed and current European projects. For the purposes of the project, short term equates to within three years, medium term is three to ten years, and long term means more than 10 years.

The research team will then further develop scenarios with the highest techno-economical likelihood of implementation, working with data from other work packages. Where relevant, these may feature optional connections to existing CO2 infrastructure in North Sea basin.

An important and essential part of this work will be close consultation and discussion with local stakeholders through the project’s Industrial Club and Regional Stakeholder Committees, which are being established as part of the project.

The scenarios will consider a range of areas, including:

  • Annual CO2 captured emission profiles (MtCO2/year)
  • Transport options
  • CO2 storage capacity
  • Identified CO2 reused options.
  • Economic evaluation and economic impact assessment at national and European level
  • The EU’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) and carbon price