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Galati area - Romania

Descarcă broșura proiectului

  • This region includes the port town of Galati, on the Danube river, and its surroundings, and includes 42 major industrial installations
  • One of Romania’s biggest emitters of CO2 is the Mittal Steel Plant situated in Galati, which produces around 3.9 million tonnes of CO2 a year.
  • Other major industrial emitters, in the south-east, include: power, chemical fertilisers, aluminium and cement plants, a petroleum refinery and glass production
  • Depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs within a 100km radius of Galati could be developed as CO2 storage sites as well as deep saline aquifers, on and offshore, in the Black Sea area
  • The Danube river, the Danube-Black Sea canal and the opening to the Black Sea – where good storage reservoirs have been identified – offer the potential for CO2 transport by shipping combined with pipelines
  • Analysis of major CO2 emission sources in the southern part of the country concludes that these could be grouped into major or minor clusters for CO2 transport
  • Captured CO2 could be transported by river to the offshore region for use in enhanced oil recovery operations or for storage in deep saline aquifers

Image: courtesy of GeoEcoMar