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Northern Croatia

Preuzmi brifing o projektu

  • This region covers the Zagreb and the Croatian part of the Pannonian basin
  • CO2 captured at industrial facilities could be used in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations. There are two current commercial CO2-EOR projects with others planned.
  • Geological CO2 storage capacity in deep saline aquifer and depleted hydrocarbon fields has been evaluated at 2.7 Gt. Additional storage capacities have been assessed for ongoing CO2-EOR projects and CO2-EOR candidates
  • Geological CO2 storage capacity has been evaluated as part of the EU-funded projects, CASTOR and EU Geocapacity

Image: Possibilities for CCUS in Medium Temperature Geothermal Reservoir, Energy (under review), Vulin, D., Muhasilović, L. and Arnaut, M., 2019 (STRATEGY CCUS kick-off meeting, Orleans, 2019)