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West Macedonian area - Greece

Λήψη ενημέρωσης έργου

  • This region includes the Kozani and Ptolemaida industrial areas, which have a large variety of CO2 emitters from small to large scale, including coal/lignite-fired power plants, waste incinerator cement plants and biomass plants
  • Five power stations account for around 30.5 million tonnes of emitted CO2 each year
  • There is high CO2 storage potential in the Mesohellenic Trough, a geological basin in north-western Greece. The Pentalofos and Eptahori formations are estimated to have a combined capacity of 728 gigatonnes of CO2
  • There is already a CO2 capture plant developed in the area and run by CERTH

Image: Geological map and stratigraphic column of Mesohellenic Trough (Brunn, 1956 and Koukouzas et al, 2018)(STRATEGY CCUS kick-off meeting, Orleans, 2019)