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Paris Basin is latest focus for stakeholder workshops

Last week, we held our first stakeholder workshop for the Paris Basin region, in France, to explore views on carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) and its potential for development in the area.

The workshop is the latest in a series being held across our eight project regions, with the first being delivered last November.  

The meetings involve a range of stakeholders, including industry, community representatives, NGOs and local and national government officials. The aim is to provide a forum for discussion and knowledge exchange, and build the networks that will support the delivery of CCUS roadmaps.

Dr Fernanda De Mesquita Lobo Veloso, BRGM and STRATEGY CCUS coordinator, said: “The Paris Basin workshop enabled very useful discussions about the drivers for and barriers to CCUS in the region. It was also valuable for us to get feedback from a large variety of stakeholders, from local and regional administrations, representatives from the chemicals, cement, waste and oil and gas sectors, and environmental associations. Thank you to all the participants for this interesting exchange.”

The development of stakeholder networks will be essential for the delivery of CCUS as part of efforts to achieve national climate targets. They are a key part of the STRATEGY CCUS project, which aims to support the development of low-carbon energy in eight regions of Southern and Eastern Europe.

The regional workshops had initially been planned as face-to-face meetings but, due to the COVID-19 crisis, they are now being held online.