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Second round of regional stakeholder workshops gets under way

The STRATEGY CCUS regional stakeholder committees will meet for a second time in March, April and May following a successful round of initial workshops held late last year.

The regional stakeholder committees have been estsablished in each of the STRATEGY CCUS project’s eight promising regions, and this next set of workshops will explore scenarios for the future implemention of carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS).

The project's regional teams will invite stakeholders to share their opinions on the future of CCUS in their respective country and region, and this will be an important part of further developing the scenarios.

The second round got under way today with a workshop in Spain and will be followed by meetings in France (Rhône Valley) on 19 March and in Romania at the end of the month. Workshops in Portugal, Greece and Croatia will take place in April and in Poland and France (Paris Basin) during the first half of May.

A third regional stakeholder workshop will be conducted in each of the eight regions during the remainder of 2021.

During the first workshops, participants had the opportunity to build relationships and communicate their views as well as learn more about CCUS within their regions.

The workshops have been designed and planned by research teams involved in Work Package 3 and Work Package 5 of the STRATEGY CCUS project. The overall aim of the second and third meetings is to strengthen stakeholder networks and develop detailed roadmaps for a successful implementation of CCUS in each region.   

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the current workshops cannot take place in person but will, again, be conducted digitally.

Image: Screenshot from the first regional stakeholder workshop conducted in Croatia. Photo provided by Maja Arnaut, Daria Karasalihović, and Domagoj Vulin