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GRTgaz S.A.


GRTgaz is a European leader in the transportation of gas and a world expert in gas systems. In France, the company operates over 32,000 km of underground pipelines to transport gas from suppliers to the consumers connected to its network (including public distribution operators who serve municipalities, power plants and over 700 industrial sites).

GRTgaz performs public service missions aimed at guaranteeing the continuity of supply and offers its customers access to the network, and to improved energy performance. With its subsidiaries Elengy, a leader in LNG terminal services in Europe, and GRTgaz Deutschland, an operator of the MEGAL transport network in Germany, GRTgaz plays a key role on the European gas infrastructure scene. It exports its know-how internationally, thanks in large part to the services developed by its research center, RICE (Research and Innovation Center for Energy).

As an actor in energy transition, GRTgaz is investing in innovative solutions to accommodate a maximum amount of renewable gases, including hydrogen, on its network, thereby supporting these new sectors and contributing to achieving carbon neutrality. Follow on Twitter @GRTgaz, Instagram and Facebook.

Total S.A.


WP4 leader

Total is a multinational energy company, the fourth largest publicly traded integrated oil and gas company, and a chemicals manufacturer. It operates in more than 130 countries and engages in all aspects of the petroleum industry as well as renewable energy. It has research centres in France, Belgium, UK, Norway, United States, Canada and Qatar.

Total has a long experience of various industrial units for gas separation at oil and gas fields and of refining and petrochemical units. It participates in CCUS research and development through studies in which many collaborators from its different divisions – exploration production, gas, renewables and power, refining and chemicals – bring their expertise.

IFP Energies Nouvelles


WP5 leader, WP4 co-leader

IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) is a major research and training player in the fields of energy, transport and the environment. It is heavily involved in the fields of CCS and CCUS and is strongly committed to the development of capture, transport and CO2 storage technologies.

IFPEN leads several of the European Union’s FP6 and FP7 projects – CASTOR, INCA-CO2 COACH and CESAR – and is also a key partner in other projects, including CACHET, ENCAP, DYNAMIS, CAPRICE, ECCO, COCATE, CO2ReMoVe, CO2GeoNet and GeoCapacity. It is involved in industrial CCS demo projects with Petrobras and TOTAL.

It is developing innovative industrial processes for capturing CO2, which are less expensive and consume less energy, and tools for managing CO2 geological storage. It is also active in the field of storage site selection and characterisation, optimisation of CO2 injection in underground reservoirs, long-term storage monitoring and the re-use of CO2.