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STRATEGY CCUS partners branch out at France’s national science festival

In early October, BRGM welcomed around 7000 visitors to its Orléans offices for the 30th Fête de la Science, which explores and celebrates the world of science.
Colleagues from the STRATEGY CCUS project joined representatives from other research agencies to highlight different specialisms using a variety of materials and approaches, from games and animations to interactive displays and storytelling.

The STRATEGY CCUS team developed the CO2 Stand to explain more about carbon dioxide, Earth’s natural carbon cycle and how carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) technology can play a part in restoring the balance and tackling climate change.

Fête de la Science is a national event, hosted by different research agencies across the country, aimed at raising awareness and enhancing knowledge of all scientific disciplines. BRGM has delivered the festival every two to three years.

Materials provided by project partners SCCS proved useful for engaging with event participants; these included a giant-sized carbon cycle graphic and a time-lapse video illustrating CO2 storage using layers of cake, which was particularly popular.
Professional actor Mathilde Gourdol, of Des papillons dans le ventre, presented the show, CO2 and Us, which she developed with Fernanda de M L Veloso and Isaline Gravaud of BRGM as part of the French CO2SERRE project. It was enjoyed by children and adults alike.
The story focuses on an oak tree and its fellow woodland denizens, whose cycle of life is threatened by increasingly frequent natural disasters. The show explores whether trees can do all the heavy lifting on climate action and introduces the concept of CO2 capture and storage.

The following week, the BRGM project partners took these resources to the Pollutec Exhibition in Lyon, where they had useful dialogues about CCUS with conference delegates.

Photo montage, clockwise from top left: Fernanda de M L Veloso and Frederique Mojon Lumier of BRGM at the CO2 Stand; Mathilde Gourdol of Des papillons dans le ventre telling the story of CO2 and Us; André Laurent from BRGM discusses the carbon cycle with a family group; Isabelle Czernichowski of BRGM in “Forum Energie” panel discussion at the Pollutec Exhibition. All photos: BRGM